Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2021

WitchCasket - December Box

 I finally got my Witch Casket box! 
Witch Casket is a monthly subscription box which I highly recommend if you're interested in witchcraft!

I wanted to share what I got in my December box

This months theme was Candle magic! I love the color scheme and it reminds me alot of Persona 5 hehe

Every month you also get a pin! I love this one so much and we also got some cute candy !!

I'm sorry the pictures don't wanna rotate (T-T)
but you also get a pamphlet with information about each item

I was soo excited seing this candle snuffer because I needed one and this one fits so perfectly to my kitchen

a cotton pouch for candles, stones, your tarot deck or something else with an amazing design! And also you get every month an art prit. I will defenetly rame this one ! The art is from Conor James

you can never hav enough candles haha

I love their teas so much !!! It's a Black tea, vegan candy, cinnamon, clove, jasmine petals mix.
Look at those christmas tree candy!! so cute

A positive energy ritual kit which I am very excited to try out !

This beautiful Canle slate / Altar Tile

A cauldron oil burner
I always wanted to get one but never saw one I really liked 

Lemongrass Triquetra Wax Melt

I think you also get in each box a christall

You also get a parchmet roll about the theme which you can for example put in your Book Of Shadows. 

Donnerstag, 31. Dezember 2020

Shadow Work


What is shadow work?

The Shadow is the side of your personality that contains all the parts of yourself that you don't want to admit to having or the society considers unworthy.
It is our unknown side or our unconscious side. Our Shadow Self can be positive or negative.
The goal is to recognise those personality traits and become self-aware and try to create a healthy balance betweet our "shadow" and "light".
Its a really huge topic and I won't be able to explain everything in detail. But you can find a lot of great information online.

I will give you an example from myself and hope you will understand better what the Shadow is:

I really love dancing and when I was younger I visited dance classes and also volunteered to give some dance classes at school. When I got older I stopped doing this and never liked to dance when other people are around and even judged people who danced like no one was watching. Also when people asked if I wanna go to a club to dance or even when a video parapara project started I really wanted to participate but I always said "no" to do it.
With Shadow work I realized why I ignored this part of myself and tried to hide that I love dancing. When I was younger we had a dance project at school. With a classmate we created a dance routine and had to teach the rest of the class. I had so much fun. But one classmate deccided to make a terrible joke about my weight and later the teacher called me and said that I shouldn't wear tight shirts because bigger people shouldn't wear tight clothes. Since then I ignored this part of my personalty and put it in my "shadow". Whenever someone asked if i like to dance it triggerd this memory and I said "no".

Shadow work has different stages and steps and there many diffent ways on how to do those.
I will share what works for me but you can find many great other ways online!

  • The first step is awarness or identifyig the Shadow
What triggered your reaction? Was is a word, a place, a behaviour? Is there maybe a pattern?
This first step is a really big one but can also be very difficult sometimes.
It's not easy to confront those parts of yourself that you tried to hide but allow youself to feel. If you need to cry or shout that's totally fine! All feelings are valid 
  • Understanding and React
With understand we can react the next time when something triggeres us
You can do that with many different ways:
-Writing a letter (you don't have to send it)
-Inner child work
  • Accepting
This is also a really hard thing to do. Accepting those parts of our personality that we tried to hide.
It's hard to accept all the pain that happened but with accepting and understanding it will lessen the tigger reactions and from my own experience I can say that this feels amazing.

Shadow work is not about fixing you because there's never been something wrong with you.

When I started with Shadow Work I used those three promts:
1 -Inner desire how I want to be
2 -Doing something "tabu"
3 -Changing the thought prozess and things I say

I will give you again some examples

  1. Really listen to your Shadow. Do you really want to stay at home and not go to the party? Do you really don't want to say your personal opinion? Is it really ok to say yes? Maybe you really want that pink hair but never dyed it or you always wanted to do Cosplay. Write down how you really want to be
  2. With tabu I don't mean something illegal but something thats feels tabu to you
  3. Maybe wear a really sexy underwear piece which you never wore but always wanted to. 
    Or an example from myself: I recorded myself dancing
    And write down how this made you feel. It made me feel so good! I felt again that joy from the past.The next time I even posted a parapara video and wrote down again how it made me feel.
    Take small steps!! Don't try to rush it and push youself in a situation you don't feel safe in!!

  4.  write down things you want to do or say For example: I will stop apologising for things that aren't my fault. And then of cousre also try to achieve those things. And remember that even the smallest step is a step    

With those steps I also slowly understood why I tried to hide some parts of my personality.
Please remember that Shadow Work isn't something you can just do in an hour. This really needs months and sometimes years of work. 
Please don't be afraid to ask for professional help when you notice that you can't do this on your own. Shadow Work is not a replacement for therapy but it can really help you to understand yourself better.

Take your time. Healing takes time and that's normal. The hardest step is to start but if read about Shadow Work you maybe even already noticed some things about yourself or maybe you wrote already something down. So without even noticing you already did a step and that's amazing !

You are loved and your feelings are always valid

Freitag, 25. Dezember 2020

Last Week & Christmas Day


I hope everyone had some nice christmas days or will have some nice days!

My last couple of weeks were a bit hectic since I got a new kitchen! But I'm so happy
Sadly a piece is still missing and will arrive in January. Also in January I will renovate my bedroom and after this the living room and also the bathroom. So I have mentally prepare for stress

Heres my new kitchen!! I love it so much and I have so much fun cooking again!!

Nothing much has happened since..

on Christmas I invited my mother and stepdad for dinner which was really nice. It was a really relaxed day and I'm glad that my partens aren't a fan of big partys and dinners.
We had some cookies with coffee, exchaned presents and cooked together.

Also for my makeup and outfit I didn't wanted to stress myself. Las year we celebrated at my parents place and we all wore homewear 

I got this super cute japanese school style bag and I already put on some stuff! I love it so far! 
I added a chain from Disturbia, a Stitch charm and my precious Gon (Hunter x Hunter) Charm 

Also the last two Hunter x Hunter DvDs  (TT A TT) The next day (today lol) I started from episode 1 and lets see how my mental state will be at the last episode

Whats your fav Anime or Manga?

The next days I have nothing planned so I will prepare some witchy stuff for the 31st since it will also be a full moon!! So exciting and kinda scary. But the new year will start with a fresh moon cycle so let's hope for the best 

I hope you are doing well and have some relaxed days !

Freitag, 18. Dezember 2020

Easy Self Made Candles

 Christmas is in a few days and I have a quick present idea for you !
I will share how I make my own spell candles. Of course you don't have to use this to make spell or magic stuff but maybe you can just make some pretty candles 
I will make some protection and (self)love candles.
What you need: 
-some tealights
-dry flowers and/or herbs
-if you have essential oil (DONT use perfumes)
-an oven
(- some crystals)

for the protection candle i used:
-chamomile (for purification)
-rosemary (for purification, healing, protection)
-sage (for protection)
(-clear quartz)

self - love candle:
-cinnamon (healing, protection,love)
-lavender (love, protection, happiness, peace)
-rose (love, healing, protection)
-lavender essential oil
(-rose quartz)

Preheat the oven to about 200'Celcius and prepare your herbs. I crush them with my hands a little bit and set my intantions.

You won't need a lot if you want to make just a few candles.
Put the candles without the herbs in the oven and let them melt (10-15min should be enough) 
It's hard to get a good picture of them when they are clear but please be carful not to burn yourself since the wax is really hot!! 

Then you just put your herb mix into the melted candles but don't overload them. I also put the essential oil in, 2-3 drops will be enough.
Let them dry and get hard and then they are ready to use !

I think they look so pretty and would also make a great personal gift.

Again: you don't have to make spell candles or magic ones. Maybe you can make some for a friend or family member with their favourite flowers or herbs !

If you want to learn more about magical herbs I highly recomment Cunningham's Encyclopedia Of Magical Herbs

I hope you liked this post and I hope you will all have some nice holiday times !

Montag, 14. Dezember 2020

Throwback Time !

 I found some old pictures which I wanted to share ★

There are not in chronological order

I remember this day so clearly! After I went to japan this was my firts real gal attempt and a friend did my hair and  felt so cute !!

I had dark hair for a long time bc my hair was so dead! Currently I also have dark brown / black hair but I cant't wait until january to dye it !! 

This was one of my fav outfits ! The dress is actually a mans top! I think I still have it 

as you can see I never took many outfit picturs bc I was and still am kinda insecure about my body.. but I am working on my self love !! 

I miss those long extentions so much !!! I had pink hair for so long 

a classic getting ready at a train staition

ah yes nice outfit shot... you can't see anything bc every piece is black..great xD but the dress is cute 

this is also one of my very firt outfit attempts.. I wish I still had that dress 

Blue is my fav hair color on me and I can't wait to have it again (TAT)

Can we please make Kigurumis a thing again ??

Thank you for staying this long and I hope you enjoyed this mess of a blog post. 

WitchCasket - December Box

 I finally got my Witch Casket box!  Witch Casket  is a monthly subscription box which I highly recommend if you're interested in witchc...